Wednesday, February 16, 2011

embroidery : the starting journey...

embroidery... it reminds me when I was kid, my mom asked me n my two sisters to do embroidery n cross stitch.. of coz she wants us to learn some basic on sewing, as she was a kemahiran hidup teacher in her school.. in that small age (about 8 years old), I didn't know how to value this thing.. just follow my mom's instruction, we've made a pencil case with our name on it, and some other thing i couldn't remember.. i didn't see it for a long time, of coz it's a huge lost, i wish i could find back those works..
the interest grew back after i saw my mom doing embroidery on the hanging towel and baby's quilt recently.. so suweeet... as i bought 2pcs green color embroidery thread about 2 years ago (:-O), together with some beads (intentionally to do with beads), i think may be i can start something... but then i realize green color only not enough to start new project... i remember last time daiso got embroidery thread with good price, so i try to find it at daiso the curve last two weeks... unfortunately there's no more, maybe because of low demand, they discontinued the sales...
not giving up, last saturday i went to daiso ioi mall puchong and see whether they still have it.. and it's a yes... ^___^ but there's only limited colors available and the quality is not that good so i bought only 1 set of 8 colors for RM5 (it's worth the price)... then i tried to find at jalan tar, i went to kedai bunga reben (both) and a shop in that building, they don't have it... i'm a little bit upset because the huge shop like them didn't sell it anymore, i afraid it may hard for me to find other shop selling the thread.. on the way back, we stop by kedai bunga juta.. guess what? they still sell embroidery thread, but the price was a little bit expensive... as i remembered mom said she bought dmc brand thread for 80 cents only in muar, this shop sell for RM1.80! RM1 different is definitely a large number... as i have to buy at least five colors, it will be RM5 different... so i decided not to buy them and to survey from other shop first... but i bought a light purple yarn as i've saw people do nice embroidery using it in tv once.. done with my searching, we're back home.. the same day, when we went out for dinner, i stop by two flower shops just nearby my home (where i bought the embroidery thread 2 years ago) to survey the latest price and color choices.. it's RM1.50, and i still can't find color i need... so, i just bought 1pc pink and 1pc light green..
three days after (yesterday), i continue "thread shop hunting" (:-P)... start with mydin usj (disappointed), to ssf puchong (more disappointed) and finally a shop in bandar puteri : creative world... last time i went there to find mom's cotton crochet yarn.. step into the shop, i knew i will find it this time... the shop was fully arrange with sewing tools : thread, beads, cross stitch pattern, various type of needle and other craft tools you never thought about it exist... after asking the owner about what i'm searching for, he then showed me the embroidery thread they have... i was amazed with the choices, like a kid in candy wonderland.. ^____^ from the cotton to satin material and the color choices from regular single color to rainbow and there's also the metallic.. very hard to choose which one i'm gonna use for my project... finally i picked rainbow color in maroon-black, maroon-cream, magenta-cream and black-cream as those colors i will definitely use.. about the price tag, i think it's time for me to accept the price range in kl-selangor area (at last)... for this shop, the same regular embroidery thread cost RM1.60, and the rainbow color i just bought also the same price, it was the cheapest type... if i'm not mistaken, the satin type cost RM4.20 and the metallic is more expensive...
okay, finished with thread shop hunting (for this moment huhu), i can't wait to start my project...! yey!

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