Wednesday, March 16, 2011

books : tatting for mom, hand embroidery for me... ^_^

Last weekend I went for tatting book hunting, for my beloved mom's birthday present, as she was really into tatting recently.. Last time me and mom went to Creative World shop, the owner has introduced us with a lovely tatting pattern book.. but we didn't buy it, as i told mom that i can find it freely from internet.. and back at home, i show her some website that have it : she seems very excited, so cute... :) she asked me to print, but i always forgot to do so, huhu..
then, last week she called me and asked me to buy the book.. as her birthday just around the corner, I think it could be a best present for her.. but i resist to buy it from the shop because the shop owner offer for overpriced.. so, i decided to find it from other bookstore.. I started from The Curve : Borders & MPH to Popular Ikano Power Centre.. huhu, it's quite difficult to find one.. At first I tried to search by myself at the rack, but then i gave up and just asking the Information counter.. i'm very disappointed, all those 3 bookshops don't have it.. back at home, i surf internet to find if there is other place i can find the book and found a blog that say they bought a tatting book from Kinokuniya KLCC.. not wasting my time, the next day me and mi amor went to KLCC... and finally, we found it...! ^____^ although the book we found not having much pattern as the shop have, i hope mom will love it...

and for myself, i bought a Doodle Stitching book.. :)

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