Friday, March 11, 2011

GA primrose touch ^___^

this is my first time joining giveaway (GA) and i'm quite excited... ^__^ just try my luck, who knows "mr lucky" will be on my side… dear mrs rina, hope your lovely hand will pick my name yar…! ;) here are the rules :

1) to be follower of "" and "" : DONE
2) to link "" and "" to my blog : DONE 3) to create an entry about "primrose touch GA" in my blog : DONE

4) to share "primrose touch GA" in FB wall and tag some friends, for those who don't have blog : SKIP (as i have blog ^___^)

5) to leave my blog link to comment column : DONE

6) to comment about "" and "", i love the flowery background, i love the crochet, i love the information that she share and i love the owner generousity to link my blog in her blog, tq... :), i also love the flowery background, i love the fabric (if i got budget, i will surely grab one)


i've done my part... the GA will be ON until 31'st March 2011 and the prize is.. jeng jeng jeng... keep update with her blog to find more... let's join..!

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  1. salam zhana..thanks for joining my GA..all the best.. (",)