Friday, May 6, 2011

more tatting on lovely thread garden

another tatting from me… ;) i took this pattern from "learn to tat" book.. the pattern is for a beginner, but very lovely.. several number of people ask me about tatting : what it is about and how & where to use it.. since I'm also new with tatting, i'm not a perfect person to give the answer, but i try to answer them with a language i know : tatting is one of thread art, quite similar with crochet, but using different technique and tools to hook the thread.. usually it use tatting shuttle, but sometime tatters use special needle for tatting.. and the most suitable thread for tatting is cotton crochet yarn.. where & how to use it...? tatting is also known as hand-making lace, so whatever or wherever we use lace, we also can use the tatting.. and now peoples are getting creative... tatting can be used everywhere - bookmark, jewelery, bracelet, decoration for card making and fabric craft, doily and many more.. hope this could help others to understand more about tatting... i found it really interesting, and love to share it with others... :)

using cotton crochet yarn, size 20

using 2-ply pearl cotton thread, size 15

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