Thursday, February 12, 2015

Marker Pen Art : Tree House

Yeay... finally, again after the looooong silent, i'm back with plenty of artwork to share.. for the first post in 2015, here it is, a tree house drawing, using black Sharpie and and some Artline marker... this drawing was done last year, dated September 3, 2014.. inspired by a tree house somewhere in Seattle.. (note: i've never been there, actually inspired by the photo from the net ;) )

A little bit of this lovely tree house story...
"Peace and tranquility are yours when arriving at this place, just 30 minutes from Seattle! Located in a beautiful forest beside the Raging River. The treehouse was build by Pete Nelson who had been building treehouses for 20 years. He began, he says, when he was five years old, building his first treehouse with just a hammer and a screwdriver. He and his houses progressed through the years, as he learned from each experience and from each tree. He found this place very close to his home and amazingly enough; a neighboring property with a lodge/home was also for sale. The idea for their own Treehouse Bed and Breakfast was born!"


  1. Wow ...that's the word...good job my fren...i am thinking to have an art piece on my wall one day...coz i havent got walls are a bit empty..are these for sale? Hehe..will be glad if i can hang one of yours on my wall...

  2. thanx zana... :) bila mood datang, jadi la camni... kalau x, keras jugak tangan huhu... awak kan terer lukis... ingat awak lukis orang jahat dragon ballz dulu... kan...?